Southampton Montessori School

Ages 15 months - 9 Years Old | Toddler - Elementary

Southampton, NY

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Hear what parents and alumni are saying about our school:

“At Montessori, (my son) develop social skills, academic skills and found his love for music.”
E. Oliveros, parent

“Montessori taught (my daughter) the need to try, to endeavor to learn what she likes.”
W. J. Fleming, parent

“I love Montessori because I could progress on my own speed… Montessori also help me learn that I can’t wait for things to happen, I have to make them happen. And ”
A. Hallock, alumnus

Open “our three years at Montessori prepared our boys socially, emotionally and academically to succeed in first grade and beyond.”
M. Sacconaghi, parent

“I remember those days fondly, it was a time of nothing but true joy, inspired by the thrill of my daughter being able to learn at her own pace well surrounded by a peaceful, nurturing environment.”
K. Kesnig, parent

“When I went to preschool/kindergarten at Montessori, I learned lots of things. I still remember the red rods, they prepared me for math.”
A. Jannetti, alumnus