Southampton Montessori School

Ages 2.5-9 Years Old | Southampton, NY

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The Daily Program

worksMost of the class time is spent in individual and small-group work. This uninterrupted period allows the individual and the class to develop a work cycle. Children who work independently and purposefully are free to move where their interests and abilities take them, thus developing their own sense of pace and rhythm.

Teachers offer guidance and support, initiating activities and responding to the children’s individual interests. The daily schedule also includes collective gatherings for discussions, music, stories, games, celebrations, group lessons and guest visits. Our extended day program for kindergarten students includes more advanced work, special projects, field trips and daily formal lessons in preparation for first grade.

The Three Year Cycle


Southampton Montessori School provides the pre-primary level of Montessori education. Children are enrolled in the year of their third birthday and may continue in the program for a three year period. The preschool session is composed of an inter-age group of 3-6 year olds which runs approximately 3 hours a day, five days a week. An extended day session is offered to students who have been enrolled in the program at least one year or are four years of age and who are eligible for kindergarten.

We encourage three years in our Montessori environment before moving on to first grade. This allows the child to take full advantage of our program and work in all curriculum areas. A third year Montessori child has a chance not only to progress but also to go back to earlier work and perfect it.

The three year cycle and mixed age grouping further aid social development by giving children an opportunity to learn from and teach each other and to accept different levels of ability. This results in a stimulating atmosphere. By remaining for three years, children have the experience of being the youngest and oldest in the group.